WHISPERS: LOUNGE ORIGINALS (Matchbook Jacket)(Numero2020)

Numero Group


Limited Edition Matchbook cover pressing.

*Features include:
Letter-pressed heavyweight matchbook-style jacket w/screen-printed strike strip.
Debossed inner sleeve.
22" square fold-out matchbook gallery poster.

The Cabinet of Curiosities Series:
A lounge in the Poconos located just inside a Holiday Inn, 1973. The smoky haze clears to reveal a middle aged couple on a one-foot high stage, prattling on about the weather or Watergate before launching into a serviceable cover of Burt Bacharach's "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?" Tens of thousands of such combos littered restaurants, cruise ships, casinos, lobbies & cocktail bars throughout the '60s and '70s, but far fewer cut a record worth buying from the stage, much less listening to on the home hi-fi.
Gathered here are 14 lounge originals from across the entire easy listening spectrum. A spent matchbook's worth of crooners, bossa nobodies, seafood jazzers and Donca-Matic enthusiasts all in search for their ticket out of a red leather booth hell.

Tracks include:

01 Blue Eyed Soul - Ain't No Weight
02 The Do's and the Dont's - No One to Talk My Troubles to
03 Jan Tober& Ron Satterfield - Focus
04 Richard Powell - World of Ecstasy
05 Chuck Senrick - Kids
06 Justen O'Brien & Jake - These Moments Now
07 Terri Schmidt - Closer to You
08 Joey Edmonds - Blue
09 Tom Dae - Just As Long As You Are Mine
10 Nick Gillette - Why
11 Mike Munoz - Old la
12 James - Moonset
13 Cleveland Jones - in Spite of Myself
14 Mood Mystics - the Winds of Mars

*LP remains unopened & slip-case is crease-free.
*Non-returnable/Non-refundable if opened.
Packed & Shipped with extra care!

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