PUNK & DISORDERLY Volume 1 (Exp.Italian Import Reissue)(Spittle2022)

Spittle Records


Expanded Italian Import reissue w/bonus tracks.

At the dawn of the Eighties the first volume arrived as a fiery statement from the heart of the British punk scene. Back in the day, the glorious early punk energy was still alive and in the meantime transforming through a wave of new bands coming up with fresh ideas and attitudes. Thanks to a great selection of both originators and newcomers, the whole explosive energy that was at the core of punk movement is perfectly captured throughout these three landmark compilations. An incredible roster of bands such as Vice Squad, Blitz, Chaos UK, Anti Nowhere League, Vibrators, Angelic Upstarts... all original British punk acts except the San Francisco based Dead Kennedys represented here with their seminal hit "Kill the Poor".

This is fierce, loud and raw music caught in the midst of transition between punk rock and it's next "hardcore" evolution. All 3 volumes feature brand new tracklists including bonus tracks not available in the first editions.

Tracks include:

A1 Vice Squad–Last Rockers
A2 Disorder–Complete Disorder
A3 Peter And The Test Tube Babies–Banned From The Pub
A4 Red Alert–In Britain
A5 Blitz–Someone`s Gonna Die
A6 Dead Kennedys–Kill The Poor
A7 The Partisans–Police Story
B1 The Insane–Last Day
B2 Abrasive Wheels–Army Song
B3 Chaos U.K.–4 Minute Warning
B4 Outcasts–Mania
B5 Anti-Nowhere League–Let's Break The Law
B6 The Defects–Dance (Til You Drop)
B7 Special Duties–Punk Rocker


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