FRENCH RARE GROOVE (Ltd.Ed.2LP French Import)(Wagram2022)

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Limited Edition 2LP French Import.

This volume of French Rare Groove offers us a one-way ticket to France from the late 60’s to the early 80’s. From confidential releases to forgotten movie soundtracks, discover the grooviest tracks from the french scene. Have a good trip!

Tracks include:

A1 Jean-Jacques Perrey–E.V.A.
A2 Janko Nilovic–Drug Song
A3 Vladimir Cosma–Exkalibur (O.S.T. "Sam Et Sally") Vladimir Cosma
A4 Michel Magne, David Gilmour–I Must Tell You Why (O.S.T. Cœur Joie")
A5 Syntaxe–L'Anthropofemme (Chanson)
A6 Philippe Sarde–L'appartement (O.S.T. "Deux Hommes Dans La Ville"))
B1 Paul Martin, Jean-Pierre Castaldi–Le Troublant Témoignage De Paul Martin
B2 Bernard Lloret–Digen
B3 Jacky Arconte–Movie Town
B4 Cliff Cardwin–Word City
B5 Janko Nilovic–Soul Impressions
B6 Jean-Claude Pierric–Move Man
C1 Edition Spéciale–Monsieur Business
C2 Jean-Claude Petit–Skyway
C3 Christian Chevalier–Tecumseh
C4 Francis Lai–Somewhere In The Night ( O.S.T. "Madly")
C5 Eden Rose–Reinyet Number
C6 Karl Heinz Schäfer–Kidnapping (O.S.T. "Les Gants Blancs Du Diable")
D1 Bruno Leys–Dans La Galaxie
D2 Francis Lai–Young Freedom
D3 Daniel Janin, Jean-Luc Ferré–Dig Yourself Up
D4 Le Patchwork–Patchwork
D5 Roger Renaud–Turn Me On

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