COIL: THE NEW BACKWARDS (Ltd.Ed.White 3LP Austrian Import)(InfiniteFog2022)

Infinite Fog Records


Limited Edition White 3LP Austrian Import w/hardcover tri-gatefold sleeve.

The New Backwards was conceived by Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson in 2007, revisiting stray tracks which hadn't seemed to gel with the material he had chosen for the more somber "Ape of Naples" from 2005, Coil's initial posthumous release, a sort of requiem and a kiss-goodbye to his then recently deceased partner John Balance. Significantly different to it's sister release, this album collects the brilliantly chaotic and outrageously rhythmic material from the original sessions for the album that was begun as early as 1993 and had originally been conceptualized as the follow-up to "Love's Secret Domain". These songs are as diverse and wild as the places they originated from, partly infamously spawned in Sharon Tate's former home in the Hollywood Hills, the Nine Inch Nails home base in New Orleans and London's Swanyard, co-composed, remixed and restructured with the help of long-term friend Danny Hyde in Thailand, this collection has it's own unique flow and an atmosphere not found on any other Coil release.

Tracks include:

A1 Careful What You Wish For
B1 Nature Is A Language
B2 Fire Of The Green Dragon
B3 Algerian Basses
C1 Copacaballa
C2 Paint Me As A Dead Soul
C3 Backwards
D1 Princess Margaret's Man In The D'Jamalfna
D2 AYOR Live Pornmod (It's In My Blood) - Live Geoff
D3 Ambient Basses Hijack Mix 1
E1 Backwards Dist Vox
E2 Drone Geff Master
E3 Carny Master
F1 Drone Skellies
F2 Choir Droney Skellies
F3 Backwards Live Wip-Fixed Softer Backwards


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