CHROME: SCAROPY (Ltd.Ed.Silver Vinyl)(Cleo2021)

Cleopatra Records


Limited Edition Silver vinyl pressing.

The incredible 13th studio album from one of the most most influential experimental rock bands of the post-punk era.

Still helmed by long-time Chrome guitarist and mastermind Helios Creed, this line-up welcomes back Hilary "Stench" Hanes who was Chrome's bass player for the band's classic '80s albums (Blood On The Moon, 3rd From The Sun, etc.) as well as familiar faces Tommy L. Cyborg, Aleph Omega, and Lou Minatti XIII! With a Stench brother back in the fold, Chrome have crafted a fiercly driven album that propels the listener forward through sonically twisted guitar noise and cascading synths for one of the most compelling recordings of the band's storied career.

Tracks include:

1 Scaropy
2 H of Spades
3 Terminate
4 New Happy Fortune
5 Hello Sunshine
6 Night Nurse
7 Tataria
8 An Open Letter
9 Push
10 They're Coming to Get You
11 Kilauea
12 The Opposition


*LP remains unopened & slip-case is crease-free.
*Non-returnable/Non-refundable if opened.
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