Marvel Comics NEW X-MEN Omnibus by Grant Morrison (Hardcover New Printing)

Marvel Comics


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2nd Edition.
HARDCOVER 1,120pgs.
Publisher: Marvel
Publication Date: 2016

Grant Morrison's wildly innovative X-Men saga returns! The X-Men, re-imagined with a new look and a new mission, must face weird new threats including evil twins, organ harvesters, sentient bacteria, rebellious mutant youth, power-enhancing street drugs and living weapons! Joined by wicked telepath Emma Frost and mysterious powerhouse Xorn, the X-Men go public - expanding Xavier's school to train a new generation of mutants including the insect-like Angel, the bird-boy Beak, the living sandstorm Dust and eerie telepathic quintuplets the Stepford Cuckoos.

About the Author:
Grant Morrison has authored too many bestselling graphic novels to count. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Doom Patrol, Animal Farm, Flex Mentallo and the Invisibles are just a few of the books with which Morrison has established himself as one of the modern masters of the medium.

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