PRIMUS: FRIZZLE FRY (Ltd.Ed.180gm+Bonus Track)(Prawn Song2009)

Prawn Song Records


Limited Edition 180 Gram with Bonus Track.

The debut studio album, released in 1990, features the band's first single & minor radio hit "John the Fisherman".

This remaster includes an extra track, named "Hello Skinny/Constantinople", a cover of the tracks "Hello Skinny" & "Constantinople" by The Residents.

Tracks include:

1. To Defy the Laws of Tradition 6:40
2. Ground Hog's Day 4:58
3. Too Many Puppies 3:57
4. Mr. Knowitall 3:48
5. Frizzle Fry 6:02
6. John The Fisherman 3:35
7. You Can't Kill Michael Malloy 0:26
8. The Toys Go Winding Down 4:33
9. Pudding Time 4:06
10.Sathington Willoby 0:24
11.Spegetti Western 5:41
12.Harold Of The Rocks 6:18
13.To Defy 0:35
14.Hello Skinny/Constantinople (Bonus Track)


*LP remains unopened & slip-case is crease-free.
*Non-returnable/Non-refundable if opened.
Packed & Shipped with extra care!